Let’s bRUNch!


For every Cayman brunch, online registration is encouraged and can be done at CaymanActive.com

The 11th edition of this non-competitive, 5K/10K run is in the Cayman Islands and will be this Sunday, April 22nd,  2018 with details coming up!

Cayman bRUNch is a great way to be healthy and active in a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere while spending time with family/friends and doing good for our community! This 5K/10K run includes a breakfast afterwards, and is the perfect setting to unwind and meet new people as well!

bRUNchers usually check in at 6:30am for route details/safety updates and the run starts at 7:00am. (Different restaurants allow for a different routes and breakfast experience) As you finish the 5K or 10K course at your own pace, feel free to hydrate with water that will be waiting for you. (There will be 1 self-serve water stop on the routes and we encourage you to bring hydration sources for the run)

Registration is KYD$25.00 and includes:

  • Breakfast with coffee (gratuity included)
  • A donation to a local charity
  • 1 Raffle ticket for a random prize draw

Online registration for Cayman bRUNch will be open by Mach 22nd and can be done at CaymanActive.com until Saturday, April 21st (5:00pm).


This bRUNch will be raising funds in support of ongoing community efforts of a local charity or community initiative- With more details coming up!


Our generous supporters:

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As this is a social run (jog, or walk) of the participants’ distance choice, please note the details below about the event:

*These runs are not timed. However, you are welcome to use your own personal timing devices.

*The courses are not marshalled. Please use caution and road safety skills along the routes.

*Water is available at the venue before and after the run. You are welcome to bring your own water/nutrition supply to carry while you run (walk or jog) the route as well. There will be 1 self serve (and self clean up) Water Stop available on the routes.

*The restaurant/organizers/volunteers are not responsible for your personal safety before, during or after the run. If you have any health concerns, please consult a doctor before signing up.

Online registration for Cayman bRUNch can be done at CaymanActive  from March 15th until April 21st, 2018 at 5:00pm.

5K and 10K routes for this next bRUNch will be coming soon. 



Online registration for Cayman bRUNch can be done at CaymanActive.

Have a suggestion for the next bRUNch route or restaurant? Tell us!