As a running newbie, back in 2015, Taura Ebanks was flipping through the pages of a Runner’s World magazine and an article caught her attention. As she read about a non-competitive bRUNch Running group that met each week at a different restaurant to run 5-10K followed by breakfast and in some cases an after run cocktail, she was thrilled to learn there would be a run in the very place she would be visiting!

Upon arrival to Denver, Colorado she promptly shared the opportunity with her friends and registered.

On the day of this bRUNch run, runners signed in 15 minutes before the start, received their bRUNch tickets, drank water, chatted and checked out the great products, such as runners’ sunglasses and watches made available to try out during the run.

The altitude made the 5K run a challenge, but the fresh air and the chance to take in the neighbourhood surroundings, such as a beautiful and peaceful park, the morning was well spent.

As small clusters of participants returned from their run, (or brisk walk) large jugs of refreshing water were available inside the restaurant waiting for them. Having worked up well earned appetites, everyone redeemed their bRUNch tickets for breakfast and beverages, and settled in to catch up with the friendly, running glow faces sitting next to them.

Having had such a great time as a visiting runner, with a chance to run a new route and spend time with her friends who decided to join her, Ebanks wanted to recreate the experience back at home in the Cayman Islands.  After all, with the melting pot of on-island runners, health enthusiasts, visitors and those looking to explore and find a new adventure, she knew this was the perfect kind of run to take the pressure off, keep motivated, while enjoying all the great breakfasts the islands have to offer.

With  the support of A Step Ahead Physiotherapy’s own, Christine Gibbs, CaymanActive, Winner’s Circle and Cayman bRUNch these community bRUNches were started.

Today, Cayman bRUNch continues to host these quarterly, non-competitive runs, attracting  25-60 participants who all enjoy a well earned breakfast with random raffle prizes and supporting community initiatives!  We are excited to see you at the next one! Save the date, Sunday, January 14th, 2018.

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